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Business Phones Your Way

Lightning Communication, a VOIP phone service, exists to provide state of the art business communications. We offer top of the line phone equipment, and outstanding customer service in English at a price that is easy on the budget.

Using a cloud based VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) back bone, our phone systems provide all of our customers small and large with the clarity, features and simplicity to communicate between offices and with customers with ease.

The communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented phase of technological innovations. Cloud communications products and services continue to flip the industry on its head, putting you in control. These VIOP business phone solutions enable your company to leverage the latest features and capabilities, which are extremely easy to use and very cost effective.


What Makes Lightning Communications the Best Choice for VIOP?

Easy to use. Feature rich. step into the Future.

That’s what you get from us right out of the box. Easily accessible VOIP Phones systems via any modern web browser or mobile device, or desktop phone, accessing our feature rich platform helps to improve your communications, streamline your business processes, and facilitates your growth and success. In addition, local support for our customers is second to none, and our experienced support team endlessly strives to enable you to compete and win, and sound good doing it.

As your business communication needs grow and change over time, so do our features and capabilities. Endlessly scalable, flexible, and reliable, our cloud communications platform is truly future-proof, so you can focus on your business, and know that your communications solution will always remain relevant and competitive.

With our main offices located in Oklahoma City, we are here not only as a guide through your VOIP phone needs, but to walk hand in hand so that you get the best solution for communications with your customers and staff.

Reach out to one of our team members today to get started!

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